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Civil JudgeJunior Division and Judicial MagistrateFirst Class  

ADVERTISE IN     July 2013 
PRLIM.EXAM IN  15th September 2013 
MAIN EXAM IN    1st December 2013 

A magistrate is an officer of the Indian judiciary. They only try civil cases. In these types of cases they have partial authority in administering law enforcement. There are 4 types of magistrates in our country. They are: A Chief Judicial Magistrate, a Judicial Magistrates First Class, Judicial Magistrates Second Class and Executive Magistrates. The position of a magistrate is one of the most coveted professions in the Indian judiciary. They are eligible to work in the courts until they are 66 years old. Magistrates have a monthly remuneration of Rs 28, 800/- in addition to other amenities.

Qualifying Exam
Candidates who wish to become Magistrates must appear in the exams carried out by the Law Service Commission. They can also write the State Judicial Law Entrance Exam that is conducted by the Public Service Commission. The notifications for these exams will be available in all leading newspapers.
Who is eligible to apply?
Students who have finished their graduation in Law are eligible to become magistrates. Their age should be more than 21 and must not exceed 35 years at the time of applying. Those candidates who have finished their LLM degree are also eligible to apply. The candidates must have secured a minimum of 55% marks in their final exam.
How to prepare for exam and interview?
It is important to prepare well for the written examination. They can either study by themselves or go for coaching classes. Another good option is to write mock test papers. This can be bought from book or stationary stores. Practicing on these question papers will help them to get an idea about the exam structure and pattern. Candidates can also confer with those who have attended these tests earlier. When they appear for the interview, the candidates must be prepared to answer in a straightforward manner. It would also be good if the candidates answer unhurriedly. This will give them some time to think. Moreover, it is important that the candidates be honest while replying.

Syllabus for Competitive Examination to the post of recruitment for Civil judge ( junior Division ) & Judicial Magistrate ( First Class) ( Preliminary) Examination under judicial Service of the Government of Maharashtra .

Standard : Suitable to the post Maximum Marks : 100 Medium : English

Duration : Two Hours Nature of the paper : Objective type ( multiple choice question)

a) Code of Criminal Procedure
b) Civil Procedure Code
c) Evidence Act
d) Transfer of property Act
e) Specific Relief Act
f ) Maharashtra Rent Control Act
g) Limitation Act
h) Constitution of India
i) Indian penal Code
j) Law of Contracts, Sale of Goods Act & Partnership Act

Syllabus for Competitive Examination for recruitment to the posts of Civil Judge (Junior Division)& Judicial Magistrate( First Class)(Main) Examination under Judicial Service of the  Government of Maharashtra.
Standard : Suitable to the post Nature of the paper : Conventional type
Medium : Marathi/English Maximum Marks : 100 Duration : Three Hours
(अ) िस����हल ��ोिसजर कोड ( Civil Procedure Code)
(ब) ��ा��सफर ऑफ ��ॉपट�� ॲ��ट (Transfer of Property Act)
(क) ��पेिसिफक िरलीफ ॲ��ट ( Specific Relief Act)
(ड) लॉ ऑफ कॉ������टस, सेल ऑफ गुडस ॲ��ट तसेच पाट��नरशीप ॲ��ट (Law of Contracts, Sale of Goods Act
& Partnership Act.)
(अ) इंिडयन िपनल कोड (Indian Penal Code)
(ब) ए����हड��स ॲ��ट ( Evidence Act)
(क) कोड ऑफ ि��िमनल ��ोिसजर (Code of Criminal Procedure)
(ड) अनुसूिचत जाती,अनुसूिचत जमाती [अ��याचार ��ितबंधक]अिधिनयम-1989 व नागरी ह��क संर��ण
अिधिनयम - 1955 (Scheduled Castes & Scheduled Tribes [Prevention of Atrocities]
Act-1989 And Protection of Civil Rights Act - 1955)
(इ) कायदेिवषयक ता��या घडामोडीबाबत िनबंध (Essay On Current Legal Topic) [Approximately 800 Words]
मौिखक व ��य��तीम��व चाचणी - 50 गुण

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